This 24x46x9 Metal Garage features 3 10×8 Roll up Garage Doors and 1 36×80 Walk in Door. All prices include delivery and installation on your clear and level surface. Prices will vary by state and location. All units come certified to meet most local codes.  Custom quote are available –  Please call or submit a request for your custom quote.

Due to increasing prices in material, we are updating our website. Please call for current pricing.

Groundwork nor cement is offered or provided.

Pricing Information

Due to fluctuating costs in material, prices are currently being updated. Please call for current pricing or request a quote. Thank you for your patience.

**Groundwork and/or cement is not offered or provided**

Color Choices

Add On's/Additonal Information

Units come certified to meet local codes
Upgrades up to 90psf available in *most* areas
Upgrades up to 180mph available in *most* areas
Insulation available for an additional cost
A set of generic prints are available in most states for permits after orders have been submitted.
**Groundwork and/or cement is NOT offered or provided**

16. 24x46x9 Enclosed Garage

Vertical Style Roof
9’ Tall Side Height
14 Gauge Certified Framing
Fully Enclosed
3 10×8 Roll up Garage Doors
1 36×80 Walk in Door
All Anchors and Braces Included
Delivered and Installed

Starting Price – $14,085 + local sales tax

Price will vary by state and location

Colors –
Roof – Black
Sides/Ends – Barn Red
Trim – White

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