We offer an array of options and upgrades, here are just a few of the many options Carports and Buildings Direct can offer!

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At Carports and Buildings Direct, we understand that our customers have unique needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions, from custom sizes to additional doors and windows, to ensure that our garage building meets your specific requirements. These are just some of the options we offer. Give us a call and speak to one of our Buildings Specialists to help design the structure that is right for you.

18x30x10 green door


Roll-up doors are an excellent choice for buildings that require space-saving and efficient solutions. By coiling around a drum above the door opening, these doors provide both functionality and visual appeal. With a range of colors available, customization to match the building's aesthetic or branding is easily achieved.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: building owners have the freedom to choose from various color options for their doors, which can enhance the building's exterior look and potentially raise its property value.

Ask our building specialists about color options for the roll up doors.


Header seal is a highly effective weather stripping or sealing mechanism that is strategically placed above doorways in the header area of metal buildings. Its primary purpose is to prevent the entry of unwanted external elements such as rain, wind, and pests while simultaneously preserving interior air. Constructed from durable rubber, the header seal is specifically designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions and provide a secure seal. Its installation takes place in the gap between the top of the door frame and the building's header.

Header Seal
Walk in Door Options


Our broad collection of walk-in doors provides ample options to enhance your custom metal barn, metal garage, or metal building. These doors can be seamlessly integrated to enclose your metal structure, enabling easy access to your stored items and vehicles. We also offer a standard walk in door. Check with your building specialist for availability in your area.


All of our metal buildings can be insulated at an additional cost. To do this, a layer of insulation is placed between metal sheeting that constructs the walls. It is a good idea to insulate your metal garage at the time of construction if it is something you think you may eventually do. This will make the process the most cost-effective and simple. All metal buildings will sweat, so we do recommend at least getting the moisture barrier in the roof of your garage.

***Check with your building specialist for availability in your area.***

vert horiz


When discussing the closed sides or ends of a metal building, the terms ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ refer to the direction of the sheet metal ridges on the exterior surface of the structure. The orientation of these metal ridges can have a significant impact on the visual appeal of the building. Opting for horizontal sides or ends is often the more affordable choice. On the other hand, upgrading to vertical sides and/or ends necessitates additional tubing to properly install the sheet metal panels. This increased complexity requires more labor and materials when compared to the horizontal option. In certain cases, homeowner’s associations mandate the use of vertical sides/ends, while some customers choose the vertical orientation due to personal style preferences.


It is a specific design aesthetic that involves the use of two different colors or types of panels on the exterior walls. The lower portion of the wall, usually about three feet up from the base, is covered with one type or color of panel, while the upper part of the wall is covered with another. The transition line between the two sections can be straight, but it's often delineated with a trim strip for a more finished look. This option is available with horizontal sides and ends at no charge. With Vertical Sides and Ends, there will be an extra charge.

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