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Metal Barns can be a great solution for your storage or farm needs. There are countless things to take into consideration when deciding on a Metal Barn. From the size of the structure to the amount of money you want to spend, it can quickly become an overwhelming project. Here at Carports and Buildings Direct, we make the process of purchasing a new barn much simpler. Our goal is to outfit you with the exact building you need at a price you’ll love.

The difference when you work with our team is that you can customize a barn quickly and efficiently. Rather than investing in a costly build, you can receive a high-quality metal structure that is designed to withstand an array of elements. Simply reach out for a free no-obligation quote and get to work building the perfect metal barn for your needs.


Considering all your options

Once you have determined that it is time to invest in a barn, you need to start thinking through the details of the project. Not all barn types are the same and different structures will offer different benefits. By taking the time to think through your options, you can ensure that your metal barn is an ideal long-term investment. The good news is that when you opt for a metal barn, you are choosing a material that will hold up well for many years to come. This makes a metal barn one of the best property investments out there. Check out the following questions to consider as you go about customizing your metal horse barn.


What will I be using the barn for specifically?

For some, a barn is a place to hold livestock and farm equipment. For others, the barn will be the location for woodworking and other projects. Whatever the case, make sure you have a clear idea of what you plan to utilize the space for before you begin the design. This will help you decide on everything from the size of the doorways to the necessary wall additions. Nothing is worse than building a structure, only to realize you left out an important detail, such as how you will get your tractor in and out of the space.

Do I need the structure to be fully enclosed?

Barns come in an array of styles. Not all of them are built to be completely enclosed. If you need to lock away your horses at night, make sure you are building a structure that has an easy ability to be tightly shut. However, if you don’t need to spend more on a completely enclosed space and you plan to simply store some equipment under portions of the structure, you can build a hybrid with partial enclosure. Think about how much protection is necessary and invest in the metal barn that meets those needs.

What color scheme will best fit my property?

Just because you are constructing a metal barn doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring or unsightly structure. In fact, we provide a vast selection of color choices. You can customize your roof and trim to match existing buildings or opt for one of our premade color schemes. Talk to your metal barn specialist about the ideal color choices for your property. You deserve to customize your property the way you want and we are happy to provide that for you. Contact us today!

What kind of elements will the structure be facing?

One of the top benefits of purchasing a metal horse barn rather than a traditional wooden structure is due to the high amount of weathering metal can withstand. Our premium materials are capable of handling high winds, snow, rain, and the harsh rays of the sun. We provide different levels of protection based on your needs, so be sure to let us know what kind of weather the barn will be facing. We can also customize the roof according to your climate. For example, our vertical style roof is a great choice for areas with large amounts of snowfall or rain.

What equipment will be taken in and out of the barn?

As you think about the size of the metal barn you hope to purchase, make sure you take into account any equipment that will be stored inside. Metal barns can be excellent locations to protect expensive farm equipment from the elements. Not only does the space need to be large enough to comfortably house all your equipment, but it also needs to have ample doorway dimensions to allow for easy movement in and out of the structure. Spend time getting exact measurements on anything you plan to drive into the barn.


It can be hard to know where to begin when designing your Metal Barn. Carports and Buildings Direct is invested in helping our clients customize the exact barn for their needs. Whether you need a metal horse barn to house your livestock or you simply want to construct a barn for keeping your farm vehicles out of the weather, we can work with you to build the ideal structure. Once you have customized the building, we will prefabricate it and installation of the barn will be simple. Check out some of the top benefits of our superior metal barns.


Snow ratings from 30 pounds per square foot to 50 pounds per square foot


Over 3,000 different color combinations available!


Multiple roofing styles including standard, boxed eave, and vertical style


Back and side enclosure options


A variety of door styles and sizes



We make it simple to design your barn

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our design team for a free, no-obligation quote.

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the perfect metal barn for your needs.

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Deciding on a new barn shouldn’t be a difficult process. Here at Carports and Buildings Direct, we make choosing a metal barn simple and efficient. After all, you have plenty of other work on your hands. The last thing you need to do is spend copious amounts of time designing a barn. From the moment you contact us for a customized quote to the day your metal barn is installed, the process is designed to be easy and straightforward.


Times, they are changing! When most people think of a horse barn, they imagine the classic wooden structures, but recently, farmers have seen the long-term return on investment offered by metal buildings. Galvanized steel horse barns last much longer than their traditional wooden counterparts, with much less maintenance and upkeep. Because our metal buildings are made of steel, they are fully recyclable, but because they are not made of organic material, they won’t fall apart! All of our metal buildings are built to suit and fully customizable.

Our metal horse barns offer great options for farming, as well as parking and extra storage across a wide variety of interests. A metal barn is a great option for a farmer in need of a sturdy and affordable building. Unlike the wooden counterpart, our metal barns require less maintenance and come pre-painted. Barns come standard with the sides enclosed and only the larger middle section open. Roll up and walk-in doors are available, along with windows and additional openings. The classic metal horse barn is a large middle section that is open with gables ends; or on either side of the middle section is a closed garage. View our gallery for style options and idea and then call our metal building experts for your obligation-free quote.


NOTE: Frame lengths are 20’, 25, 30’, etc., Roofs have 6” overhang front and back.



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