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Why Buy a Carport?

Your car is one of the biggest investments you will make, usually only trumped by your home. When you bring your car home, it can provide a better sense of pride and comfort if you have a way to protect it and a designated place to park it. Building a garage may not be a practical solution if your house is not already equipped with one. Not only does installing a garage require approval by homeowner’s associations and/or city zoning, it will significantly alter your plot map, affecting your property taxes and resale. If you already have a garage but it’s not large enough to accommodate your car, carports can be a great alternative or addition. There are many benefits of installing a carport.

Low Cost

Carports are relatively inexpensive and offer a great bang for your buck. The final cost of a carport will depend on who installs it (whether you do it yourself or leave it to the distributer), what materials or customizations are used, and whether or not there are side walls added. The overall cost of a carport is significantly less than building a garage or renting a storage unit, especially if you can purchase at wholesale prices!

Weather Protection

Perhaps the most practical reason to invest in a carport is the protection they offer from the weather, not just for you! Sun and heat can cause severe damage to you car over time. Although wind has a less direct impact on your vehicle, what is blowing in the wind can make a big difference. Sand and debris blowing in wind can exfoliate the body of your car and chip or break windows. Hail has the ability to significantly damage your car, decreasing the resale value and causing unsightly dents. If your car is kept in a carport, you would no longer have to dig it out of the snow in the winter or stand in the rain as you search for your keys!


The traditional carport is the metal tent-like structure that offers a basic roof to hover over a car. However, carports are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The ability to select how many sides a carport has, as well as the length of the walls (half walls or ground length), means that your carport can be created specifically for you. There are a variety of options to choose from including varying metal options, colors, size, and structure. Carports can easily be customized to fit the ground space it will occupy and accommodate the car it is intended to house.


A great benefit of a carport is it can be taken with you when you move. The portability of carports means that you won’t lose your investment when you change locations the way that you would with a permanent structure. Some carports function as a detached garage, but can still be deconstructed and hauled with the rest of your household goods.


Be it a burglar, a stray neighbor kid’s baseball, or hail, using a carport can provide peace of mind that your car is safe inside the steel enclosure remaining flawlessly dent-free! Carports are made of durable, sturdy steel that will not sway in the breeze or collapse during an earthquake. Whether your carport is free standing or is attached to your home, such as with the lean to carport option, if it is installed correctly (I highly recommend allowing the distributor to do this for you), it is as secure as your home itself.

Many Uses

Of course, the primary purpose of a carport is to house your car, but it is good for protecting various vehicles from bicycles, off-road vehicles, or heavy farm machinery to extended cab/ extended bed trucks or your boat. Long RVs can benefit from the special extra long RV carport. Oddly shaped or lengthened vehicles, such as boats, can be partially covered beneath a standard size carport, or an extra long or double-wide custom metal carport.
Carports can double as an awning or picnic area cover to make a sheltered BBQ area, providing protection from raindrops and direct sunlight, while still allowing you to enjoy the breeze. They can be used as garden shelters, a home storage space, or as a home for outdoor animals.

There are many benefits and uses for carports and they can make a great addition to any home. Their versatility and durability offer a great return on investment. They are customizable to fit your specific needs and home and can be moved or reconstructed when your needs or location change. Wholesale Direct Carports serves Georgia and the entirety of the United States. They offer unparalleled pricing that includes delivery and installation. If you would like to protect your investment or create more space, call their experts to see what they can do for you.