This 30×40 is a great solution for your workshop needs – it features 2 10×10 roll up doors and 1 walk in door.

We offer an array of different options and upgrades Рfeel free to visit our options page here to see just a few of the options we offer. We also offer a 3D Builder where you can customize the exact metal garage  you are needing, or give one of our knowledgeable buildings specialists a call to design the structure that is right for you! 888-542-5949

Pricing Information

Prices include delivery and installation on your clear and level surface. Prices will vary by state and location.

**Groundwork and/or Cement is not offered or provided**

Add On's/Additional Information

Units come certified to meet local codes
Upgrades up to 65psf available in *most* areas
Upgrades up to 170mph available in *most* areas
Insulation available for an additional cost
A set of generic prints are available in most states for permits after orders have been submitted.
**Groundwork and/or cement is NOT offered or provided**

Color Choices

25. 30x40x12 Enclosed Metal Garage

Vertical Style Roof
14G Certified Metal Framing
2 10×10 Roll up Garage Doors
1 36×80 Walk in Door
Anchors and Braces
Free Delivery and Installation
$16,785 + local sales tax

Groundwork/Cement not offered or provided

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