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Due to fluctuating costs in material, prices are currently being updated. Please call for current pricing or request a quote. Thank you for your patience.

**Groundwork and/or cement is not offered or provided**

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Units come certified to meet local codes
Upgrades up to 90psf available in *most* areas
Upgrades up to 180mph available in *most* areas
Insulation available for an additional cost
A set of generic prints are available in most states for permits after orders have been submitted.
**Groundwork and/or cement is NOT offered or provided**

21. 30x36x14 Enclosed Garage

Vertical Style Roof
14’ Tall Side Height
14 Gauge Certified Framing
Fully Enclosed
1 10×12 Roll up Garage Door
2 8×8 Roll up Garage Doors
1 36×80 Walk in Door
All Anchors and Braces Included
Delivered and Installed

Starting Price – $17,890  + local sales tax

Price will vary by state and location

Colors –
Roof – Clay
Sides/Ends – Barn Red
Trim – Clay

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