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7 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Your garage has turned into a storage unit of all the things you don’t want or need or all the things that no longer fit in your proper home. A great idea is to offload all this excess stuff and make some money while you’re at it. If you are ready to purge, you could list your stuff on an online garage sale, sell it to a consignment shop, or have people come to you and host a garage sale. Here are a couple tips to help you have a successful one.

#1 Timing

Garage sales should be on weekends to promote maximum exposure. If you are able to, having a Friday afternoon start isn’t a bad idea because people who work weekends are forced to go to the “after hours” garage sales. You may not make much on Friday, but even two sales are more than no sales and if it’s as easy as lifting up your garage door and sitting out, I would strongly encourage putting in the time. You can even use this time to organize and beautify for the weekend. Which brings me to my next tip:

#2 Aesthetics

Not many people will stop if it looks like they will have to dig through junk to find a good deal. Make your garage sale look better by organizing and highlighting good items. Make things as visible as possible to a drive-by, but make it look enticing enough that it says “come on, there’s more to see up here!” Put the nicer items up front so they are the first things people see. Avoid overcrowding an area. Make sure your items are clean and in good working order. Dust a shelf or hang the clothes you’d like to sell.

#3 Avoid Theft

Make sure that your garage sale isn’t so spread out that you can’t see all of it while customers are perusing your goods. Keep valuable items locked up or at the table where you are seated with your cash box. Regularly empty your cash box. Close your garage door if you have to go inside for a break or to use the restroom.

#4 Offer Goodies

Offering drinks or snacks at your garage sale may be enough to get a person or two to stop. Even if they don’t end up buying some of your treasures, the change they spend on the snacks can help your income for the day. It also helps people be more comfortable and remember your garage sale out of all the ones they stopped at that day.

#5 Advertise

Sure, signs at the mailbox or the local grocery store are a staple. Social media is an excellent advertisement avenue, including the online garage sale sites. Make signs short and clear so people driving by get the message. Be sure to put signs leading to your garage.

#6 Negotiate

It is okay to put “suggested prices” on items, but keep it simple. One person may only be willing to pay half the price you want, while someone else may be willing to pay double. Remember, no one is going to pay for the sentimental value. Be fair in your negotiations, but be firm and fair to yourself. Garage sales are a great opportunity to negotiate and haggle, on your terms.

#7 Have Fun

The most important tip of all, have fun! This is your stuff, you’re on your turf, it’s your party. People are going to be rifling through your old things and making offers; it is an opportunity to celebrate the things you used to have and the new homes they are finding. When you are having fun, it will rub off on your customers and make a positive, light-hearted atmosphere, encouraging people to open their change-purses and take a little piece of your positivity home with them!

We have all done it or seen it, we drive by a garage sale and slow down to see if it’s worth stopping. Make sure yours is a sale people want to stop at! If your first attempt isn’t successful, put in a little more effort, add some pizzaz, and try again.

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