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Permit Process For Carports

We at Wholesale Direct Carports offer several different types of metal carports, enclosed garages, barns, and more. If you have a specific vision in mind, our expert staff is ready to help turn your dream into a reality! All of our buildings are fully customizable and can be designed to fit any and all of your carport needs. From choosing the roof style to picking out a color scheme, and everything in between, Wholesale Direct Carports makes creating the perfect carport simple and easy.

As you may or may not be aware, some areas require property owners to obtain a permit before they are able to install a metal carport or other buildings on the property. Wholesale Direct Carports does not pull permits for customers. While the responsibility is on you, the customer, to obtain the permit, we are here to educate you on the process so that you can pull the permit and begin installation as quickly as possible.

What Is A Building Permit?

In simplest terms, a building permit is a document required to begin construction or renovation legally on a property. As mentioned above, some areas require a building permit to install a metal carport, enclosed garage, or barn, and other areas do not. Once you make the decision to purchase, design, and install one of our carports, we highly recommend checking to see if you will be required to obtain a building permit to help make the process as smooth as possible.
To find out whether or not your area requires a building permit, contact your county or city and inquire about the building permit requirements. If you are not required to obtain a permit, you can begin designing your custom metal carport with us at Wholesale Direct Carports and have it delivered and installed for free.

How To Obtain A Building Permit

When you contact your county or city, they will inform you that you either do or do not need a building permit to install a metal carport. If their answer is yes you do, that is not a problem! When going through the process of obtaining your building permit, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wholesale Direct Carports does not pull permits for customers. We encourage you to work closely with your county or city during the permit process. They will be your best resource to lean on for questions along the way.
  • Ask your city or county what type of plans they will require. Finding out this information right away will help you down the long run because it will help you confirm that you are purchasing the correct drawings for your custom metal carport. We offer three different kinds of drawings, including:
    • Generic Drawings: This is a basic description of your desired carport and can be emailed to you, the customer, after the order is placed.
    • Wet Seal Drawings: These drawings are stamped and signed by the engineer. After the order is placed, we will send these to you in the mail. Please keep in mind there will be an additional charge if this kind of drawing is requested.
    • Site-Specific Drawings: These drawings are specific to your garage. After you place your order, a drawing of the building, along with door and window placement, will be submitted to an engineer. Next, the drawings will be signed and stamped, and then sent to the customer. Similar to the wet seal drawings, if this kind of drawing is requested, there will be an additional charge.
  • When you determine what kind of drawing you will need in order to obtain your building permit, let us know, and we will start creating the drawings.
  • Once you have the drawings and have submitted all of the necessary information to your county or city, you are almost there! It is now in the county or city’s hands to review all of your information and complete the permit process on their end.
  • After you have obtained your building permit, you will need to contact the scheduler for your area or your salesperson to get a copy of the permit to them.

Now that you have your permit, it’s time to install your custom metal carport! Contact us today to schedule your free delivery and installation. We’re ready to help!